Tuesday, February 7, 2012

In the moment

"If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it" Ferris Bueller. 

Shawn was able to baptize Zhang Tian Jiao (Tony). He is a 20 year old from China. I was able to meet him through the missionaries. He is so cute and we take him to church every Sunday. 

We have been in NZ for almost 6 months. Time flies fast. 

January 25th at 4 am I received a phone call. I was needed in the hospital to speak chinese. Shawn and I rushed to the hospital and spend the next 4 hours with a family that had just lost their little one. I hope to never forget the feelings I had and the spirit that was there. We made eternal friends that morning.

I am working and with that... doubled our income. WHOOH to answered prayers. 

I was asked to baptize a woman. I met her on her first Sunday at church and we instantly became friends with her family. We spent Chinese New Years and many other days with them. She was baptized the day before she went back to China, by her husband.  

I haven't cut my hair in over 8 months.

Shawn gave his proposal presentation. He did AMAZING! He is one smart cookie. All of the professors and advisors were impressed. Now the real work starts.

I am working and with that... doubled our income. WHOOH to answered prayers. 

Our landlord asked Shawn if I "molt". Aren't there 500 other words that he could of said? We still laugh about it. Some peoples children, I tell you what. I do lose a lot of hair in the shower... but I would never consider it molting.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

To A Better Place

"She once said to my dad on my sisters birthday when my mom went to the store, that 20 dollars is to much for someone she does not know that much and 10 dollars cant bye a lot.

A lady at church gave my grandma a paper and said here is the news letter and my grandma told my dad after she left “I don’t have a new sweater”. 

We were eating at the table and my dad asked my mom the check the rolls and my grandma said “no I am all right”. 

At church we know a guy that my grandma says she use to dance with him but it was his dad so she goes up to him and says “I once danced with you”.

“Dr. Phil is from Heber”

She says to my baby niece when she is crying “just give her that nipple” but she rely means give her that binki.

She asks my dad or mom every night “So what are we doing tomorrow”.

She asks my dad if he is going to Vernal about every day but if he is we cant tell her or she will want to go to work with my dad but he has tried that once or twice and I don’t think he will do it again any time soon. 

When ever someone says Florida she says “I once lived in Florida”.

We have a big window in front of our house and she counts the cars that go by and she says “there have been at least 75 cars I wonder what is going on down the road”.

We got her a drink a McDonalds and she complains that there is too much ice so she says “I think that is cheap of them” and then she shows my sister and says “that is dumb”.

She told me “shut you mouth”.

She asks me every morning “so who is taking you to school”.

We went on a trip to west yellow stone and on the way she kept saying “look at that cute little tree we could dig it up couldn’t we and put it in our back yard”.

She also says “look at those rocks they would look nice in your yard”.

When we pass a tanker she says “look at that bus it must be coming from Vernal”.

She says that when we drive two blocks away from her house and she says “did you see that car in front of my house” we tell her you cant see your house from this road and she says “well their was to a car”.

She says that when my niece comes up and she has held her all day and you finally get her she says “can I hold her” we tell we haven’t held her yet and she says well you just don’t want me to maybe I should just go home”.

She always says “I don’t want to impose on you”.

When we asks hey how old is my niece she says “Oh….2 to 3 weeks” “when she is 7 months”.

My grandma thinks that ups really means “up’s store”.

My grandma says “Heber is a safe place because there is only three ways out of town” but there is really a lot.

When my grandma sees or hears byu she says “you know what that means bring them young and unite them” we tell her what it really means and she says it again.

I was on the highway getting up to speed witch is 60 and I am going about 30 and she tells me “that is fast enough”.

My grandma tells every one that her kids don’t want her to live home alone but she really does not want to.

Tennie was with Wells in the truck and she saw a license plate from Wyoming with a cowboy logo and she said that car must be from Kamas because it has a cowboy on the license plate.

Grandma was talking to Judy on the phone and said to Judy that she went to see her the other day. Grandma said that she drove in her driveway but there were no cars there. Judy asked her when did she come and she said I don’t know about 3 or 4 days ago. Hummm Mom or Dad can’t remember ever taking Grandma to see Judy. Maybe she took one of the cars without us knowing.

She always says I don’t want to impose but once she said I don’t want to in-poop on you I mean impose.

I was sneaking up on her not in a quiet manner and she says you better be careful I might pull that big thing that hangs in front of you.

She told me to go jump in a lake when I would not let her put her hands in the ice."   Case Barker

For the past nine years my parents have taken care of my grandma. She passed away last night with my family by her side. Growing up we visited her at least once a week. Grandma always had soda in her fridge, she made the best pies, when I was sick she would pick me up from school, she took us to plays, she let us have cousin parties, My family and I love you Grandma. I know you know we love you because we took care of you in your worst moments. We know you are happy and with Grandpa. Make sure you keep telling heaven all your sassy stories. Until we meet again.