Thursday, January 5, 2012


We get free eggs... which is a good thing saying they are $6.99 a dozen. We also have goats and a sheep as neighbors. Shawn is in heaven and always trying to feed them our food. I am starting to worry that he loves them more than me.

East Cape

The week before Christmas Shawn had a week off of school and so we decided to head off on a road trip. We went on a tiki tour of the East Cape. It was relaxing and nice to spend time together with no school involved. We left on Monday and returned on Friday before the rush of New Zealand travelers hit the road. 
It was beautiful. 

I don't get ready anymore. It is usually too hot and humid to worry about it. Judge me!

Most of the drive was on the coast.

Our tent site

We camped the first two nights and stayed in Hotels the last two nights.  Each night of camping we were right on the beach and heard the waves all night long. The East Cape is the most eastern part of the country and said to see the sun first. The sun rose at 5:30, Shawn got up to see it and asked if I wanted to come. I just said no and turned over. I guess that there is something cool about seeing the sun first?

I can't remember the name of this town but it was lovely. I love this home. Red brick.

Long Wharf

On the road. Look, we have our safety belts on!

Isn't he handsome?

This country grows trees super de duper fast. Because of this there is lots of logging. I mean TONS!

Smiling because we are on our way to eat yummy food and then treat ourselves to some ice cream

More logging

This statue is HILARIOUS! It is supposed to be the first English man to discover New Zealand, however, it has been noted that the clothing was not to date with what he would have been wearing. On the plaque it asks "Who is this man? No one really knows." 

We stopped at a lake and fed the swans.

This swan bit Shawn's hand!

I was scared and got back in the car.
 The tour was full of national radio, ice cream and gelato, beach walks, yummy food, orchards, site seeing, driving, marveling at the world around us, interesting people and olive oil. Does it get better than that? I think not.