Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dinero, Money, Wad, or Cash Notes

No matter what way you look at money, it is still money. Here is a list to make you feel even better about your life. Remember the current exchange rate is 1 NZ dollar to 0.78 US dollar... but still.
12 eggs = 5.99
an order of fries = 6.99
a liter of petrol = 2.49 (remember liter not gallon)
shipping a phone across seas = 58.00
bottle of olive oil = 29.00
box of 10 tampons = 5.00 (on sale)
box of 6 granola bars = 5.99
a package of bacon = 10.99
Are you getting the picture? Lets be honest, there are a lot of nice things over here. Number 1 being my husband is here and really "all you need is love", right?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

English and American

Back in Wasatch High my friends and I wanted to write a dictionary. I know, it is an odd aspiration! However, that aspiration has come again. Only this time I will use the dictionary to point out the differences between English the spoken language and American. You see... there are differences that I have been learning. 
The most recent discovery is the word "Fanny". I said it in reference to a fanny pack. You know, the ones you used to wear in 80's and 90's. The things that you wear around your hips and it is hot! Well you see, Shawn and I went out to a pub the other night to watch the American Rugby team get slaughtered by Australia. While we were there we won a fanny pack. You may think that story, in and of itself is funny, I mean who gives out fanny packs for a gift? But hold on. So we are all oowing and aawing. Then I say to the male waiter, "Put it on and cover your fanny." Shawn gets this embarrassed look and his face and his friend just looks at me in questioning way. I turn to them and say, "did I say something wrong?" Kumar, Shawn's friend, then informs me that fanny in english and american don't mean the same thing. Fanny in american is in reference to the behind or derrière while in english it is in reference to an area that a male shouldn't have. I went bright red. I #1 had said that word out loud and #2 told that man that he was essentially not a man and that he had a female area. 
We all had a good laugh and then I hit Shawn and told him he should have seen that one coming and educated me on such a word. He just laughed harder. I believe that we were all crying because of the funniness. 
So the first entry in my soon to be dictionary....
Fanny (noun) 
    English: In reference to the female down below area. Look she has a fanny!
    American: In reference to the bum in both males and females. Look she has a fanny!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Viewing Enjoyment!

Yes, may be putting off writing a talk for a ward that I have never attended. However, I just hung out the towels to dry and it is a BEAUTIFUL day. In the last week I would say the high has been -30F. You probably don't believe me. To you I say... get your bum over here. You will see. Today is quite the different day. I am loving it. Still cold but not as cold.

 Citrus is on right now! LEMONS! I am in heaven. Lemon bars anyone?


This is the car. Name? Taking suggestions. FYI she is a girl.

These two are the front of our house right now. Lush, green and exotic. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Before leaving the Mother land, America, my friends told me it was necessary to start a blog. After a week here, I agree. Ya'll don't know what you are missing out on, nor do you know what goodness you have back home. I am here to educate you a bit on living around the world. Please note though, that I too am learning. I ask Shawn at least 60 questions a day. Last night, when I picked him up at school I started talking. I talked constantly for 2 hours. As I notice my throat starting to hurt, I turned to him and said, "do you feel like you have a wife that is always talking?" I am just learning in a new world. So... here are a few tid bits
1) DRIVING- New rule in our car. Cassie doesn't drive if Shawn is in the car. All he does is correct me... and rightfully so... cause they drive so differently around these parts. Who thought that roundabouts, small roads, fast speed limits, left side of the road and foreigners was a good idea? Well, ladies and gents I am here to tell you it is a bad idea. We are just pleased that I have not crashed yet. Please continue to pray for my safety.
2) MONEY- I went to the Post Office all by myself (I do a lot by myself. Shawn is always at school). I went to buy something with cash. Got it all out like I knew what I was doing and then the tragedy. I had no idea. I just looked at the boy and held out my hands full of money, asking him to take what he needed. Did he rob me... maybe... I would have no idea. They, the Kiwi's, just laugh at me. I think they think I am cute and innocent, that is what I am hoping anyways. 
I will leave you with that for the moment. I will post a video of where we are staying next time. I will also try and be better about taking pictures. Did I mention that it is beautiful over here? Well, it is!