Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I ALMOST peed my pants.

One of, if not THE highlight of Germany was these two

coming for a fun filled visit.

Honestly, I don't even know where to start. Lindsay liking the food and being SO passionate about it. Denise and I being so amused by Lindsay's actions. Lindsay getting an ice cream of the wrong flavor (we are still not sure if it is Lindsay's German or the Germans English). Teaching all about the metric system. Question: Why do Americans not believe in the metric system? This adds to culture shock moving to another country. Just sayin. 

Anyways... where to start. Oh yeah! I think I will start with the night Linds got left at the train stop. In my very compassionate heart I still laugh so hard about this. 
So there we were, leaving Shawn's school and headed to dinner. Lindsay had been flirting with a certain boy, lets say his name is Mike. Naturally, me being the amazing friend that I am and being so good at the "game", I told Linds to call Mike and invite him to dinner with us. It took some convincing on Denise and mine part but after of a minor case of hyperventilation, she called! He said yes. She said when. He said "how about right now"! HA HA. But really pretty much that is how it happened. 
The phone call ended and we decide that we need to devise a plan to get the two alone. Hello! Due to my husbands awesome ability to problem solve, he came up with a priceless idea. The idea: Just after eating dinner, Lindsay would say she wanted ice cream. Shawn would reply that he didn't feel well. Denise would add that she was really tired and I would say that I am too full. AND Mike would want ice cream, so he and Linds would be on their own. Perfect? Perfect! We laughed and Lindsay told us absolutely not. Still don't know why, seems flawless to me. 
Before we know it we are at dinner, the five of us. All is going great and we couldn't see it getting any better... until... Mike says "I feel like some ice cream!" To which Shawn replies "Oh I don't feel well. Denise chimes in, "Yeah, I am really tired" and I followed it up with "I am too full." Needless to say, we all trying to not bust a gut. Could he have played into our idea any better. NO! 
After dinner we are walking back to the train station. Lindsay and Mike are in front of us three, awkward. They are sharing an umbrella, awkward. We (Denise, Shawn and I) want out. We are trying to think of anything but seem to be out of ideas. It seems our only idea, the ice cream, was a flop. AND then... something happened. I think back and am still unsure of the details. I believe it went something like this. Lindsay and Mike are still walking in front of us. The train pulls up. No one says anything to the flirty leaders. Denise, Shawn and I hop on the train. The doors shut. I push the button to open them back up. They turn and look to see us on the train. I say "aren't we going to get ice cream?" The doors shut and the train takes off, without them on it. Perfect! It could not have gone any better. The four of us, counting the lady on the train, were laughing uncontrollably. 

They were only with us for three days and when they left our lives seemed empty. Shawn even kept commenting how fun it was with them around. We are big fans of Denise and Lindsay in our house. Please come out to New Zealand we are ready for new memories.