Friday, August 3, 2012


Meet my 5 year old niece, Emma. She is cute, funny, sassy, energetic, adventurous, she sings and she plays the violin. What is not to love about this girl with that adorable face?

Let me tell you ... she and I are in a competition for MY husbands love. Funny? I think not.

Case in point 
1) Every time the song "So Call Me Maybe" come on the radio Shawn says, "Oh I love that Emma sings this song."
2) Today's text message conversation
     S: Hey... I just met you
     S: This is so bad...
     C: You are a dork
     C: But here's my number so call me baby
     S: MAYBE
     S: Well... Emma can sing in correctly
3) Just three nights ago Shawn told me that he wished Emma was here.
4) I Skype with Ali and Emma gets on and says "let me talk to my boyfriend." To which Shawn promptly comes to the computer to talk with Emma. 

While in Utah, Emma and Shawn went on a date. They fed the horses, went on the swings, petting the chickens and even watched the stars while cuddling. Emma was the one that pointed out that it was like a date. 
She also told me that she would make a better wife than I. 

Who is this girl? At least we know that she has good taste.