Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Derby and Deutschland

Anyone who knows me knows I live for the Heber Derby and to add the cherry on top ... my little brother was in it. Made me proud. Did you know that I once had the great desire to be in the derby myself. I even found me a boyfriend that would build me car. Laughable? I think so.
Did I mention I love Germany? I do. The language is my only problem, but give me 9 more months and I would totally have it down. I love the bread, cheese, chocolate, people, public transportation, apartment, cost of living, not working, culture, history and everything else.
When we first got to Bremen we lived a week in a hotel and still hadn't found anything. Needless to say I was stressed. In our nightly prayers we prayed that we would find something quickly and fit all of our needs (small, inexpensive, fully furnished and in a good location). The next day at school one of Shawn's colleague invited us to stay with his family until we found a place. We moved in the next day. A family with 4 children. They all speak english but the mother, who speaks german and CHINESE! We stayed with this amazing family for 10 days, all the while speaking 3 languages. It was pretty interesting but oh so great of them. Let me mention that while we were there they were getting married, going on vacation and also having two birthdays. They were so busy and still welcomed us and made us feel at home. We are ever grateful for them. The day we moved in we found a place that we could move into in 10 days. It worked out perfectly. We live in the "happening" part of town and it fits ALL of our needs. We are comfortable. Answered prayer? I say so.
I would upload pictures but internet is painfully slow.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What the....

I love this man. Right now he is working really hard, I think. I am sitting by his side using internet at school. If I could show you a picture of his screen we would all be lost. He is one smart, funny, interesting, hilarious, kind, thoughtful, adventurous and hairy faced soul. I am lucky. 

To all of you who thought you might be getting more. Nope! I am going to head home on the tram. Just know this. I LOVE GERMANY! I wish we could stay here and not go back to NZ. It is that wonderful and I don't even speak the language. 

List of things that I will blog about in the very near future:
  • apartment
  • living with a german family
  • church in germany
  • linds and denise visiting
  • public transportation
  • how i spend my days
  • what to ALWAYS have when living in a foreign country
  • why i love germany
  • school trips and school friends
  • funny things and thoughtful things
  • if i get really ambitious i might fill you in on what we did in the usa, we'll see  
Lots to blog about. Stay tuned. I know you can. I mean honestly how long have you been waiting? You can wait a bit longer.